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World Tech is a technology education startup whose purpose is to become a benchmark in the development of disruptive and pioneering digital skills training solutions. If you want to contact, send an email to [email protected] 


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At World Tech we want to invite you to learn about the Bootcamps Blended methodology, the best way to learn 21st century skills and achieve all  your professional goals.

Bootcamps Blended™ combines the best of face-to-face study with virtual teaching. You will gain confidence and practical tools with in-class sessions, our platform (available 24/7) and real-world challenges; you will be challenged to learn in a personalized and effective way while connecting you to a global network of opportunities.

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Worldwide there are more than 74 million young people who neither study nor work. It is estimated that by 2030, 85% of the most competitive jobs will be technology based. 

Do not fall behind, join World Tech. Our students have become developers, designers or entrepreneurs in months. Dare to learn the skills of the 21st century with us

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In 2013, we pioneered coding bootcamps in Latin America. Since then, we have kept our job placement rates above 95%, trained over a 1,200 students and created alliances with hundreds of IT companies in the region. We also expanded internationally, offering new opportunities for our students abroad. To continue innovating and moving forward, we created, our adaptive platform that allows us to scale our impact, personalize 21st century skills education and access data analytics in real-time. Traditional coding bootcamps are outdated, thou in Latin America they are just starting to trend. As pioneers over 4 years ago, we now want to want to continue unlocking the creative potential of millions of young people in the next decades regardless of gender, age, prior knowledge in IT, profession, sexual orientation or nationality. The world's 1st adaptive marketplace for education is our offer. Join us.

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Our Maker Fellowship lasts between 6 and 24 months depending on your specialization. You will learn by doing, developing your digital portfolio and receiving certificates from our international partners in the USA, Europe and Latin America. Fellowship classes are hybrid and highly competitive as we guarantee employment at the end of the programs.


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After 4  years offering bootcamps, we developed to personalize the learning experience. Our platform is adaptive and rewards you for learning digital skills.. The software is also available for IT companies and colleges.